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I started practicing yoga in 2011 while studying and working to pursue a career in archaeology. As it sometimes goes, the practice of yoga took on levels of depth in my life that filled my heart with a burning desire to be consumed by the practice while simultaneously wanting to share that passion with those who cared to burn brightly themselves.

At this point I decided to pursue life as a yoga teacher and took my first teacher training and apprenticeship with my yoga teacher Tiffany Maloney in Beaumont, Texas. Not long after, I fell in love with the fun, community building practice of Acroyoga. My best friends and I (and future co-teachers, Paul Hogan and Jenny Miller) attended Acroyoga teacher trainings with Daniel Scott, at which point Paul and I decided to move to Portland, Oregon to take a shot at teaching on the west coast. Since then we've been fortunate enough to have a flourishing community of both yoga and Acroyoga students and I've been lucky enough to continue studying yoga with amazing teachers such as Jason Crandell, Michele Loew, Doug Kellar and Jani Jaantinen.

In addition to teaching, I also recently became a licensed massage therapist through East West College with an emphasis on deep tissue, structural and sports massage therapy. After practicing massage for a while, I realized that my heart was being pulled to delve deeper into the art of healing and knowledge of the body, therefore I've reentered the world of academia and am currently a pre-med student at PSU working towards applying to medical schools.

Lastly, a large passion of mine has always been handstand training. Being upside down brings a joy and fullness to my life that I feel so fortunate to have found. During the pandemic, I found my current coach and teacher Jean-Luc Martin of the San Diego Circus Center and have been studying the art of handbalance under his expert eye.

Yoga, acroyoga, handstands and massage therapy may be my work, but they are also practices I hope to embody and live by - I hope you'll join me for a class, private, appointment or workshop!

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