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Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, Acroyoga Teacher and Handstand Coach

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Ian LeMasters is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Oregon. Originally from Texas, he relocated to the PNW in 2015 to further develop his skills as a career Yoga and Acro-yoga teacher. Today, he remains active in the yoga community as an experienced teacher and continued education provider for yoga instruction in anatomy and advanced asana in Portland, Oregon. His classes are heavily influenced by vinyasa and ashtanga-vinyasa yoga.

Ian’s massage style draws from years of practice in movement modalities and mindfulness, as well as therapeutic massage styles of myofascial release, deep tissue, sports massage, Swedish and Thai massage techniques. He is passionate about ensuring that every client leaves with a positive experience and expanded awareness of feeling integrated in their own body.

In addition to Yoga and Massage Therapy, Ian is also a student of handbalancing under Jean-Luc Martin of the San Diego Circus Center and the co-founder of IP-Acro’s acro-yoga program. Through IP-Acro along with Paul Hogan, he facilitates a handstand training program and acroyoga classes for beginner and advanced students.

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"Since doing handstands with Ian I feel I have progressed significantly. I’m about 15 classes deep- I am now able to stay on my hands for about 7 seconds (starting at 0!). It’s been such a fun and rewarding journey to watch my body grow stronger. I love the structure of the class and the drills/feedback Ian offers. The community of inversion folk is the best too!"

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